Can an Enterprise be improved? How?

Yes, enterprises can be improved. Society, successful enterprises and countries are the proof that it can be done. Yet the question remains…how?

What we learn from Jim Collins investigation is that we need to define two basic things if we want to improve, you need to define:

  1. First you need to define who.
  2. Then you need to define what.

If you answer this questions in the wrong order you will get the wrong results. You need to define who is going to do it with you. And for that you need to know that the profile of people you need, should be leaders of level 5.

That is beside their greatness, hardworking habits and humility, they can help to create a system that:

  • Has a disciplined way of thinking
  • Has a disciplined way of planning
  • Has a disciplined way of acting.

For further details, here a short article written by Jim Collins.


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