Project Management has been around for centuries. Yet in the last 100 years, giving the complexities of society, humans have started to develop specific procedures to deploy projects.

There are different Project Management methodologies. Yet as we see in Optima-Value the PMBOK brings the best of all the methodologies, if the Project Managers knows and understand which procedures, scopes, tools have to be used.

Even thou the PMBOK was designed to tackle really huge projects, multi-million projects, the PMBOK can be adapted to tackle also simple projects.

If the PMBOK is compared with Agile and Scrum one can find similarities as with Prince2.

Optima-Value team acknowledges that good team leadership and good project management is a matter of passion, experience, discipline and therefore we adapt our methodologies to the clients style, yet we maintain the core Project Processes in order to deploy as long as possible an structured solution target for each customer.

That is the value of our Project Management approach. We seek to be able to respond on demand, we use therefore TOC concepts to improve our own internal processes.


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